Mark Webster lost his Tour Card at the end of last season and now he is using the lockdown period due to the Coronavirus to practice hard and ramp up preparation ahead of Q-School.

Webster decided not to play Q-School in January after his ever burgeoning media commitments and he believes there is a silver lining to taking a year off in his case.

“I’ve been practising a lot to be fair, I’m playing okay. The good thing is that I’ve got time on my side, I’m literally working towards next January so I suppose if there’s ever a time to take a year off I think this is the best one really,” said Webster to Winmau TV.

He was also asked about Wayne Warren and how disappointing it’ll be for him not to gain the extra income he couldn’t get at the BDO World Championship with exhibitions of course across the board cancelled: “I don’t think Peter (Wright)’s overly concerned, it’s a shame for Wayne (Warren) because obviously they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain with the prize fund so it would have been nice for Wayne to get about the country and get exhibitions so people could see him and sort of make up for the lost funds.”

In terms of returning back to normal, ‘The Spider’ also discussed the new potential calendar and whether he thinks the World Matchplay will go ahead in July.

“It’s just strange seeing the dates dotted around, because you’ve got one date then off to Ireland for the World Grand Prix but it is what it is. The PDC are rescheduling dates and hopefully these dates come off and we can just resume the season.”

“I hope we can get back underway with the World Matchplay. It’s a small intimate crowd but a large crowd so whether they’ll relax the rules by then I don’t know but it’d be a shame if we didn’t have the World Matchplay.


Author: Samuel Gill