Simon Whitlock is the next man through in the second half of the afternoon session, ‘The Wizard’ kept up his good form defeating Jan Dekker 6-2, averaging just shy of 100 and will face either Andy Boulton or Vincent van der Voort two unseeded players in the Quarter-Finals later.
Andy Boulton’s run continued as X-Factor downed ‘The Dutch Destroyer’ Vincent van der Voort 6-4 in a tournament that could be season changing if he goes all the way.
Joe Cullen was next and ‘The Rockstar’ played some solid stuff having a 94 average in defeating Alan Norris 6-2 to continue a brilliant few months for the Bradford native.
Michael van Gerwen continued his dominance and dispatched a resurgent Stephen Bunting 6-1 and will play Cullen later on and with Wright out you have to feel van Gerwen will be the favourite for the title.
Simon Whitlock (99.57) 6 (11) 2 (89.25) Jan Dekker
Andy Boulton (88.42) 6 (11) 4 (91.64) Vincent Van Der Voort
Alan Norris (86.78) 2 (11) 6 (94.38) Joe Cullen

Michael van Gerwen (100.6) 6 (11) 1 (95.4) Stephen Bunting
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Author: Samuel Gill