Robert Thornton has expressed his excitement at qualifying for the World Grand Prix next month at the Citywest in Dublin.

The same venue where The Thorn had a triumph to win his 2nd TV major, he admits that he has been in poor form which has only seen him qualify through Phil Taylor’s withdrawal but believes that he will rediscover his form soon and that the double start format could do that.

“It was the biggest achievement of my career to win the World Grand Prix, especially beating Michael in the final.

“Since then things have not gone my way. I’m battling my way back and I’m relieved and excited to be in the tournament. I have some great memories there. Not only winning but hitting a nine-darter in a brilliant match the year before.

“Every time I have won titles it has been after a spell of poor form so I don’t doubt that I will rediscover it soon and the Grand Prix would be the perfect tournament. I really love the double-start format and I’m going to enjoy it.”

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Author: Samuel Gill