Jim Williams and Thibault Tricole are the latest players through at the 2020 BDO World Championship.

Williams defeated Gary Stone but had to come through a real tough tie winning his first match of the tournament in a final set.

He could have been 2-0 up in the early going but missed set darts allowing Stone into it and he got embroiled from there into a contest which went the distance.

He will hope this is the only scare he needs as there are a lot of fans who potentially expect the Quiff to go all the way this year.

Similarly Tricole was taken the distance as he claimed an unexpected impressive win over Ross Montgomery.

Tricole averaged less than his opponent throughout but found himself into the lead in the contest at 2-1.

Montgomery found some of his best darts in the end to send it all the way. This proved to be consolation though as the Frenchman saw off ‘The Boss’ in an impressive debut performance.

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BDO World Darts Championship schedule

Saturday, January 4
Afternoon session (from 13:00)

Mario Vandenbogaerde (88.98) 3-0 (83.10) Sebastian Steyer (R2)
Justin Thompson (83.74) 3-0 (82.41) Scott Williams (R1)
Vicky Pruim (71.18) 0-2 (69.35) Corrine Hammond (R1 women)
Dave Parletti (83.69) 2-3 (84.17) Chris Landman (R2)

Evening session (from 7 p.m.)

Darren Herewini (87.30) 3-1 (86.22) Simon Stainton (R1)
Beau Greaves (80.37) 2-0 (74.66) Tori Kewish (R1 women)
Thibault Tricole (86.19) 3-2 (93.08) Ross Montgomery (R1)
Jim Williams (85.34) 3-2 (85.12) Gary Stone (R2)

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Author: Samuel Gill