The World Cup of Darts is coming up in a few short weeks from Frankfurt and after the teams have been announced, the next is the prize fund they will be fighting it out for.

The prize fund for the World Cup of Darts will remain unchanged from 2017 with £300,000 overall up for grabs. The winner will claim £60,000 with the runners up getting £32,000.

This goes all the way down to those who reach the Last 32 who will claim £3,000. Of course though all the teams will be after that £60,000 which comes with the World Cup win.

Prize Money (Total: £300,000)

Winners £60,000 (£30,000 per player)
Runners-up £32,000 (£16,000 per player)
Semi-finalists £20,000 (£10,000 per player)
Quarter-finalists £14,000 (£7,000 per player)
Last 16 £8,000 (£4,000 per player)
Last 32 £3,000 (£1,500 per player)


Author: Samuel Gill