Jamie Lewis and Dimitri van den Bergh will play a part in the World Series of Darts this year in announcement made after the Premier League 2018 line up was revealed.

The Welshman and Belgian prospects reached the latter stages of the World Championship and had people calling for their inclusion.

Lewis’ form came out of nowhere after a pretty bad year for the player now known as ‘Fireball’. He even admitted on Twitter that he didn’t do enough over the year to deserve a spot.

Jamie was very happy to hear that there was a spot reserved for him in the World Series of Darts. On twitter he said thanks to Barry Hearn.

Van den Bergh has been the opposite to Lewis’ form to now playing towards the top of his capabilities. By winning the World Youth title against Josh Payne. ‘The Dreammaker’ said on Twitter that it is ‘Absolutely incredible that I will be part of the World Series Tour’.  Finally leaving the tweet with #BelieveandUWillAchieve.



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Author: Samuel Gill