Peter Wright is well-known for his distinctive ‘Snakebite’ persona with his hair, outfit and walk-on but it could change for the US Darts Masters in Las Vegas.

Wright has given a potential hint that he will dress like the king of rock n roll himself, Elvis Presley with it being befitting due to the tournament being in Sin City.

He said that he has always wanted to dress as him and that the hair could be done easily by his wife, Jo but that he wouldn’t have the moves or voice.

“The hair is up to my wife Jo – she makes all the decisions! I’ve worn the stars and stripes trousers out there,” Wright said on behalf of bookmakers BetVictor to the Daily Star.

“I’ve always wanted to have an Elvis outfit, that’d be funny. Walking around Vegas in an Elvis outfit, an Elvis onesie…

“Jo could always do the hair quite easily. But I wouldn’t have the moves or the voice!”

Steve Welsh/PDC

Photo: Steve Welsh/PDC

Author: Samuel Gill