Peter Wright won the 2020 PDC World Championship but by using a new set of darts which were made to specification by Red Dragon Darts.

Wright famously sent a text message which is below which tells the designer to back him to win the World’s; he also spoke after claiming victory and said what happened when he started to throw them.

‘Snakebite’ said that he hit four nine-darters within 15 minutes; he missed another three which saw him send the text below.

“I actually drew on a little peace of paper what sort of grip I wanted, what type, the weight and the balance in the middle. I got the darts and within a day practising I hit 4 9-darters within 15 minutes and missed another 3. I send a text message saying thank you for making me a set of darts which will win me the World Championship.”


Author: Samuel Gill