Peter Wright last year should have won the Premier League title and this year he missed out on finals night. Out of the 4 players remaining though, Snakebite is backing his World Cup teammate Gary Anderson.

The former UK Open champion has said that he is glad that he could do Gary a favour in giving him a chance of claiming his third Premier League title.

Wright also said that he’s done really well this year and is playing some fantastic darts.

“I’m pleased I could do Gary a favour and get the result. I hope he can go to the O2 next week and take his third Premier League title,” Wright told Live Darts.

“I’m just glad I’ve given Gary a chance to win his third Premier League now, my World Cup partner.

“He can’t buy me a bottle of champagne, I don’t like it!

“I’m genuinely pleased for him. He’s done really well this year, playing some fantastic darts.

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Author: Samuel Gill