Peter Wright has admitted that he is happy to have the time off from darts albeit not in the circumstances currently on display where the World Champion is now only playing in the PDC Home Tour.

Wright said that the time off has given him perspective as to how busy his schedule was set to be on his year as World Champion and that it had been previously discussed in terms of taking some time off.

He also said though that it gives him the opportunity to come back stronger when the darts circuit restarts hopefully in the coming months.

“Before the lockdown it was really busy,” Wright said to The Daily Record.

“There were many things to do and many interviews as well as the tournaments – it was hectic. But I said to myself, ‘Is it not what you wanted?’ And of course it was.

“If you want to be World Champion that’s what comes with it, so you want to do it.

“I said I was ready for it and that’s why I went and won it.

“I would have been at various events and near enough everything. Looking at the plans for the months, it was Premier League night, up the next day for an exhibition then a European. Travel five, six hours and back for the next Premier League to do it all again. It’s quite surreal in one sense.

“At the beginning of the year Jo and I had spoken about it being nice to maybe get six months off to recharge the batteries. It looks like that wish is coming true. We just didn’t want it to be in these circumstances,” he continued.

“As well as recharging those batteries, though, it can also offer a new focus and hunger for playing the game.

“It makes me want to carry on and get better and better – to try to break more records. I believe I can perform better.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill