Peter Wright will take on Gerwyn Price tonight as the Premier League reaches Dublin and while he is bang in form, there are some injury worries for ‘Snakebite’.

Wright hurt his ankle carrying his wife Jo’s luggage out of the car; he tweaked this a few weeks ago in the Premier League when he faced Gary Anderson.

This could affect his famous walk-on with his dancing routine on the stage potentially set to be put on hold; he said his ankle has been a problem for a number of years.

“The ankle is all strapped up. It’s still weak. It’s my fault for breaking it when I was a youngster. I thought I was alright. I got to the finals of the Vauxhall Open Singles I think it was with a broken ankle,” said Wright to Red Dragon Darts.

“I was told then if it hasn’t healed properly and I bend it I’ll have to have plates and screws in it for six months or whatever.

“So I ended up cutting off the cast in the bath and I fell straight out the bath. As soon as I put pressure on it, it was no good!

“It’s never been good since. When it comes to cold weather it plays up a lot.”

On change of mindset in Premier League

Wright also spoke about the rigours of playing in the Premier League; he admitted that he has to change his mindset. As well to try and play like he can instead of knowing that players will come back; due to being in the elite roadshow.

“This tournament is very hard. I was sitting in my hotel room last week having my hair done and I was looking out the window watching all the clouds just floating away and stuff,” Wright added.

“I was thinking to myself I have to take this tournament serious. Just go up there and enjoy the amazing crowds and venues.

“I get up there and play darts but you’ve got to go up and try and imagine this is to win the Premier League, not to try and get a point or a win.

“That’s the way I approached it last week and why I started off well against Rob Cross and then just fell asleep!

“I was waiting for Rob last week and I shouldn’t be. That’s happened with me with Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson in the past, waiting for those players to turn up.

“You shouldn’t do that, you should just try and blitz them off the board, they wouldn’t wait for you.

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

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Author: Samuel Gill