Peter Wright claimed a routine win over Raymond Smith in a 10-4 win for ‘Snakebite’ with an average of 101 in the process.

Wright will next face Rob Cross in the semi-finals of the Brisbane Darts Masters and has admitted he has changed his approach to darts which seems to be paying dividends.

“I have changed the way I am approaching my games, there’s no point worrying about how tired you are, you just have to get on with it and play darts.

“When the Aussie and New Zealand guys come over for the world championships we don’t want to hear them complaining, so let’s just play as well as we can and enjoy it,” said a pragmatic Wright after his win.

“I have got to play more solid (against Rob Cross) but I believe I can up my game if I’m pushed.

“I’ve taken the points out all the other darts I’ve brought with me so I haven’t got temptation to change them because it will take me ages to put all the points back in,” concluded Wright.

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Author: Samuel Gill