World Champion Peter Wright proved the doubters wrong by claiming the PDC World Championship at the start of the year after previously receiving criticism for not getting over the line in major tournaments and for being seen by some as a ‘novelty’ due to his bright and colourful outfits and hair.

But for ‘Snakebite’, while he knows about the criticism, he has always believed in his darting ability first and foremost and that having that persona helps him as someone who is very shy and reserved off the oche.

“I know what people have said about me, I know people thought I was just a novelty and a weird haircut,” said Wright in a recent interview with DartsWorld.

“In the charts then were David Bowie, Boy George and all that lot all dressed up as well. It was my idea of colouring my hair for darts. It was the UK Open and I decided to have blue hair for it, I think that was 2009.”

“But I always believed in my own ability”.

“The hair, the clothes are just my on stage persona. That’s what prepares me for matches, my warpaint if you like,” he continued.

“I like to learn from other players, watch the top guys such as Phil, Michael (Van Gerwen), Gary (Anderson) and Adrian Lewis and pick up their best points.”

“I always go out to keep improving and that’s brought me to where I am now. But there’s a lot more to come.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Samuel Gill