Momo Zhou competed at the World Cup of Darts recently becoming only the second woman in the history of the tournament to do so and following this ladies qualifiers were introduced for the World Championship later this year.

In an interview with Live Darts, Zhou thinks that the women can give men problems in the World Championship and that they will have more pressure than what is initially thought.

Personally, she has said she wants improvement and more experience that she can use and bring back to other players in China. Finally Zhou spoke about how popular Darts is in China and how over the past two years it’s gained popularity.

“I think its almost the same because darts doesn’t require a high physical condition,” said Zhou. “It’s good and actually I think that men have more pressure on them when they play against women.

“I would love to play in the World Championship one day. Your dream has to be big.

“I just want improvement, and I’ve come here to learn something, get more experience and bring that back to China, share with other players.

“Darts in China is not hugely popular yet, but in the last two years more and more people have started to play, and more darts clubs have opened. I’ve been playing in PDC China tournaments now for a couple of years too.”


Photo: PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill