Martin Adams will make his return to the BDO World Championship after a two year absence but in a recent interview has criticised the move from Lakeside to the Indigo at the O2.

Adams is a former three time winner in the event and holds a lot of good memories in the venue but believes it is bad due to fans affinity with the venue.

‘Wolfie’ added that certain people involved in the company need to change their opinions as it isn’t doing the company good.

“I still believe the BDO can be successful. But one of the worst moves was to pull the world professional out of Lakeside and put it on at the O2,” said Adams to The Sun.

“So many people that were regulars at Lakeside and who would save up all year to go for the whole week, they aren’t going.

“It’s a totally different environment, it’s more expensive. So a lot of people who would be there, won’t be.

“A few lads down the pub were discussing whether to go to the O2.

“But they said: ‘It’ll cost a fortune to get down. Beer, tickets and transport will be expensive. Let’s not bother’. Had it been Lakeside more would have gone.

“It would be a very sad day if it was the last BDO worlds.

“Some personalities need to move on from their current positions as they aren’t doing the BDO any good.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill