Challenge Tour

The PDC Challenge Tour sees a return to action with a sole secondary tour  only in 2022 with proceedings set to begin between January 21-23.

It will start in Milton Keynes between 21-23 January before heading to Hildesheim in April for Events 6-10. July sees a return to Germany before Leicester's Morningside Arena which hosted the Champions League and World Grand Prix will be the conclusion in September and October.

The winner of the Challenge Tour will claim a Tour Card and a spot at the World Darts Championship with a second Tour Card also on the line.

PDC Challenge Tour Calendar 2022

21-23 January: PDC Challenge Tour 1-5 (Milton Keynes)

1-3 April: PDC Challenge Tour 6-10 (Hildesheim)

July 15-17: PDC Challenge Tour 11-15 (Hildesheim)

16-18 September: PDC Challenge Tour 16-20 (Leicester)

15-16 October: PDC Challenge Tour 21-24 (Leicester)

Prize money breakdown during 2022 PDC Challenge Tour

Result - Prize money

Winner £2,000

Runner-up £1,000

Semi-Finals £500

Quarter-Finals £300

Last 16 £200

Last 32 £100

Last 64 £50

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