Challenge Tour

The PDC Challenge Tour this season consists of a separate circuit for players from the UK and the rest of Europe. The British players will play their tournaments in England (Milton Keynes and Barnsley), while the players from mainland Europe will play their tournaments in Niedernhausen, Germany.

On both tours players can play a total of 12 tournaments. A £10,000 prize pool is available at each event. The winners of the two rankings will receive a PDC Tour Card for 2022 and 2023, plus an invitation to the upcoming World Darts Championship.

The British players play their Challenge Tour from August 6-8 and September 3-5. The European players are welcome in Niedernhausen for the Challenge Tour from July 2-4 and September 3-5. Players from outside Europe can also participate in the Challenge Tour, but have to do so at the location where they participated in the Q-School.

Calendar 2021 PDC Challenge Tour

2-4 July: European Challenge Tour (Events 1-6)

6-8 August: UK Challenge Tour (Events 1-6)

3-5 September: European Challenge Tour (Events 7-12)

3-5 September: UK Challenge Tour (Events 7-12)

Prize money breakdown during 2021 PDC Challenge Tour

Result - Prize money

Winner £2,000

Runner-up £1,000

Semi-Finals £500

Quarter-Finals £300

Last 16 £200

Last 32 £100

Last 64 £50

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