The World Darts Federation (WDF) is the global governing body for the sport of darts. It was founded in 1976 and is responsible for overseeing and promoting the sport of darts worldwide. The WDF is recognized by major darts organizations, including the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and other national and regional darts associations.

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Key information about the WDF includes:

  1. Governance: The WDF is governed by a Board of Directors, with each member representing their respective regions or countries. The organization's headquarters are located in the Netherlands.
  2. Member Organizations: The WDF's membership includes national and regional darts associations from around the world. These member organizations are responsible for organizing and governing darts activities within their respective territories.
  3. Promotion of Darts: The WDF plays a crucial role in promoting darts as a sport globally. It works to develop the sport at all levels, from grassroots and youth programs to international competitions.
  4. Events: The WDF sanctions and supports a wide range of darts events, from local and national tournaments to major international competitions. These events include the World Cup, World Masters, and the biennial World Darts Championship.
  5. Rules and Regulations: The WDF establishes and maintains rules and regulations for the game of darts. These rules ensure consistency and fairness in the sport and are followed in WDF-sanctioned events.
  6. Rankings: The WDF maintains player rankings based on their performances in WDF-sanctioned events. These rankings help identify top players and provide opportunities for them to compete at higher levels of the sport.
  7. Youth Development: The WDF places a significant emphasis on youth development programs to ensure the future growth and success of the sport. It supports youth darts initiatives to encourage young players to participate.
  8. Anti-Doping and Fair Play: The WDF has anti-doping policies in place to maintain the integrity of the sport. It promotes fair play and ensures that darts competitions are conducted with the highest standards of sportsmanship.

The World Darts Federation continues to be a vital organization in the world of darts, working to expand the sport's reach and provide opportunities for players