The first qualifier of the day is complete for the Austrian Darts Open with the likes of Steve Beaton, Devon Petersen, Nathan Aspinall and Chris Dobey all qualifying.

Petersen in particular is the big story with the South African set for his first appearance on the Euro Tour in almost two years. There was also success for the likes of Jamie Hughes who continued his excellent form by smashing in a 104 average en route to qualification.
Conan Whitehead – who will make his Euro Tour debut – produced a stunning 107 average in his qualification. He defeated James Wilson in a game that many would have fancied the Huddersfield ace to win.
There was no joy though for the potential two standouts in the field, Corey Cadby and Glen Durrant. Cadby lost to Brendan Dolan early doors while Durrant lost to the aforementioned Jamie Hughes.
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Final round

102.9King, Mervyn63Clark, Matt92.0
97.0Gilding, Andrew60Taylor, Scott89.3
90.6Beaton, Steve63Pipe, Justin93.7
85.3Petersen, Devon65West, Steve84.7
89.1Bunting, Stephen64Rafferty, Nathan90.1
107.2Whitehead, Conan61Wilson, James90.4
96.9Lennon, Steve61Brooks, Bradley90.6
93.0Bain, Jamie63Anderson, Kyle97.6
97.2Henderson, John65Robinson, Reece95.4
93.6Webster, Mark63Payne, Josh97.3
96.5Brown, Keegan61Hunt, Adam91.1
83.1Aspinall, Nathan64Woodhouse, Luke87.1
100.2Dobey, Chris65Dennant, Matthew94.6
87.2Smith, Ross62North, Richard85.4
90.6Barilli, Mark64Prins, Dave92.8
104.0Hughes, Jamie61Jones, Wayne98.0
95.6Searle, Ryan64Richardson, James91.5
95.5Wilson, Mark63Dolan, Brendan95.1

Last 72

100.8King, Mervyn63Meikle, Ryan94.3
85.2Clark, Matt64Ayres, Daniel80.4
96.5Taylor, Scott64Whitlock, Simon95.6
92.2Gilding, Andrew64Bates, Barrie83.1
97.3Beaton, Steve61Dootson, Eddie78.8
95.3Pipe, Justin62Edhouse, Ritchie92.0
95.8West, Steve63O’Connor, William84.5
97.2Petersen, Devon64Humphries, Luke86.5
92.3Bunting, Stephen63Edgar, Matthew90.3
90.2Rafferty, Nathan62Pallett, David83.5
88.9Wilson, James64Evetts, Ted88.3
96.9Whitehead, Conan62Hudson, Peter80.0
95.4Lennon, Steve61Norris, Alan84.3
93.6Brooks, Bradley65Claydon, Brett86.7
96.9Anderson, Kyle61Johnson, Darren92.9
90.4Bain, Jamie65Tabern, Alan83.9
88.4Henderson, John63Todd, Mick88.8
98.1Robinson, Reece63McGeeney, Mark97.2
97.8Payne, Josh65Murnan, Joe87.9
91.3Webster, Mark65Mansell, Mickey89.5
91.5Brown, Keegan63Eastwood, Gary87.6
87.9Hunt, Adam64Killington, George70.2
103.3Aspinall, Nathan62Shepherd, Kirk89.5
95.8Woodhouse, Luke63Derry, Nathan88.5
101.3Dobey, Chris65Owen, Robert90.4
95.9Dennant, Matthew62Newell, Tony91.7
100.2Smith, Ross60Dudbridge, Mark83.0
95.0North, Richard65Ladley, David90.7
94.6Barilli, Mark61Joyce, Ryan90.7
102.9Prins, Dave61Thornton, Robert97.1
98.5Hughes, Jamie65Durrant, Glen101.8
87.7Jones, Wayne65Lewis, Jamie86.0
97.4Searle, Ryan63Wilkinson, Carl92.8
85.6Richardson, James64Borland, William82.0
102.5Dolan, Brendan63Cadby, Corey95.7
95.7Wilson, Mark63Carlin, Gavin90.8
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Author: Pieter