Corey Cadby got involved in an incident in the crowd during the Brisbane Darts Masters. A picture appeared on social media, which showed that he was being taken away by the police.

The management of Cadby responded by a statement about the accident. ”Overnight here in Brisbane rumours are circulating that Corey Cadby was arrested after an incident at The Brisbane Darts Masters after somebody posted a picture of him being led away by police.”

”These allegations are totally untrue. Corey and his family where getting abuse from a very small section of fans. All of this was in front of police officers who were on the door at the venue. Corey’s wife was then physically abused which the police reacted on straight away.”

”Corey got involved in a slanging match with another person after this incident but at no time were any punches thrown by either party. The police once again intervened very quickly and they knowing Corey was a dart player led him away from the crowd to diffuse the whole situation.”

”Corey returned straight back to the players hotel. At no time was Corey arrested or cautioned.”

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Author: Pieter