Dartsnews.com recently had the opportunity to catch up with some of the players competing at the UK Open next weekend, the next of which is Chris Dobey.

In this interview we speak about the UK Open, Euro Tour as well as why Dobey calls himself Hollywood.
Q. Thanks for agreeing to do an interview Chris, could you start off by telling me how you got into darts??
Not a problem mate, it’s a funny story actually. I was at the bingo when I got a call off a friend to help his team out as they were short of a player for the team. I won my game and have enjoyed it ever since.
Q. One of the main reasons for the interview is to speak about the UK Open which starts next weekend. You are straight into the second round where a draw with Dimitri van den Bergh or Lee Evans awaits. What do you make of the draw and are you hoping to better your Last 32 appearance last year??
Yes it’s a very tough draw for myself, both Dimitri and Lee are fantastic players. I think the game between those two will be a cracker. Of course I always target to better my last attempt so fingers crossed it all comes together.
Q. You are known as one of Gary Anderson’s protégés as part of the Dunvegan stable. How much has he helped you as well as the management you have behind you so far in your career??
It’s great being under such a fantastic management team they’ve brought me on a lot especially at the very start. It’s so easy to get along with them too which makes it a lot better.
Q. You had the honour of playing Phil Taylor at his final World Championship. How was it to face off against a legend in the sport and how was it to be called the future of darts by the Power??
It was such a great experience playing Phil on the big stage not many people can say they have done that. I can definitely say I learnt a lot from that game and what I did wron. I will make sure I work on that mistake for next time.
Q. Despite only just getting into the UK Open with a brilliant run at the 5th event you have had a good start to 2018 including qualifying for the first two Euro Tours of the year. What are your thoughts on your game right now and also on playing on the Euro Tour??
Yes all you need is one good day out of the 6 for UK open but I prepared for a lot better than that but it just didn’t happy. I’m still happy to be in the draw of course. I played well last Friday in the Euro qualifiers and played like I can to get through both events. I’m very much looking forward to the start of the Europeans again I love them and you gain so much experience each time you step out in front of the crowd!
Q. You said recently that you were targeting a place in the top 32 this year. What would you say are your other ambitions for the year ahead??
Yes that’s always my aim to be in the top 32 but would love to be a lot better just got to put the practice in and keep performing. Ambitions is obviously to be champion one day and I’ll never give up on that as it’s such a dream. I need to start winning competitions before I do that!
Q. Finally where did the Hollywood nickname come from that you use in darts??
Nickname just came from a local league was just joking around and it was just one of those that stuck whether I like it or not!
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

Steve Welsh/PDC

Photo: Steve Welsh/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill