The first European Tour qualifier has concluded for the Czech Darts Open with the likes of Corey Cadby, Glen Durrant, Devon Petersen and Chris Dobey involved in the next event which takes place next weekend.

Durrant smashed through Matt Clark in a 6-0 victory with a 95 average; while Cadby edged past Ryan Searle in a 6-2 win which means after returning to the tour in April, ‘The King’ will finally play in front of the crowds again.

Petersen on the other hand played brilliantly averaging 103 in a 6-2 victory to continue his form he showed at the World Cup of Darts. Also among the qualifiers include the likes of Stephen Bunting, John Henderson and Jamie Hughes who averaged a whopping 108 average in his qualification.

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Final round

95.9Durrant, Glen60Clark, Matt90.2
100.1King, Mervyn64Carroll, Shaun86.9
95.6Bunting, Stephen65Wilkinson, Carl84.8
94.4Dobey, Chris64Dennant, Matthew92.6
91.1Henderson, John63Carlin, Gavin96.2
99.8O’Connor, William64Edgar, Matthew90.7
94.8Gilding, Andrew63Bain, Jamie86.7
88.6Brown, Keegan63Hudson, Peter75.8
90.4West, Steve65Baker, Scott89.5
89.3Evetts, Ted64Humphries, Luke90.7
96.1Cadby, Corey62Searle, Ryan93.7
103.2Petersen, Devon62Smith, Ross97.3
90.3Pipe, Justin63Joyce, Ryan91.4
86.7Garcia, Kevin64Menzies, Cameron91.5
108.3Hughes, Jamie64Richardson, James99.8
88.2Thornton, Robert65Mansell, Mickey90.8
89.3Borland, William61Chalmers, Andy80.8
96.3Dolan, Brendan61Pallett, David90.2

Last 72

102.3Durrant, Glen62Rowley, Paul94.6
96.1Clark, Matt63Burness, Kevin85.5
96.4King, Mervyn63Johnson, Darren87.1
90.8Carroll, Shaun64Rydz, Callan90.4
91.8Bunting, Stephen62Robinson, Reece85.4
80.5Wilkinson, Carl65Atkins (Leeds), Martin82.3
107.1Dobey, Chris62Shepherd, Kirk93.5
89.6Dennant, Matthew64Bates, Barrie88.1
83.8Henderson, John63Hunt, Adam88.9
103.2Carlin, Gavin63Whitehead, Conan93.9
101.3O’Connor, William60Tabern, Alan97.1
86.1Edgar, Matthew63Meikle, Ryan86.7
96.5Gilding, Andrew63Wilson, James91.9
82.6Bain, Jamie63North, Richard83.9
88.4Brown, Keegan63Ladley, David89.2
88.6Hudson, Peter64Boulton, Andy86.6
88.2West, Steve63Murschell, Dawson88.2
90.0Baker, Scott64Lynskey, Patrick80.9
100.7Evetts, Ted65Anderson, Kyle96.4
97.1Humphries, Luke65Edhouse, Ritchie100.5
91.8Searle, Ryan64McGeeney, Mark91.7
92.5Cadby, Corey62Norris, Alan85.8
95.8Smith, Ross64Monk, Arron82.7
89.9Petersen, Devon62Lewis, Jamie79.8
86.7Joyce, Ryan60Beveridge, Darren81.4
103.8Pipe, Justin62Wilson, Mark90.6
89.1Menzies, Cameron64Lennon, Steve89.5
97.1Garcia, Kevin63Dootson, Eddie89.8
91.7Hughes, Jamie61Payne, Josh92.0
96.7Richardson, James63Brooks, Bradley94.0
93.0Thornton, Robert65Owen, Robert90.7
86.5Mansell, Mickey65Killington, George85.6
83.2Borland, William65Ward, Harry87.1
89.2Chalmers, Andy62Taylor, Scott88.2
98.8Dolan, Brendan64Dudbridge, Mark89.8
95.8Pallett, David62Todd, Mick82.0
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Author: Samuel Gill