Darren Webster was left with a suspected broken nose yesterday after being headbutted by a Barnsley FC fan in an unprovoked attack after the ‘Demolition Man’ left the venue after a loss to Max Hopp.

Police are looking for his attacker after the attack took place after Barnsley played Sheffield United at Oakwell but Webster will not take treatment as of yet and will play on in the second of the double header today.
He  spoke about it to The Sun: “We were just on the way back to the hotel when about four blokes ran up to us.
“They said ‘Are you Sheffield fans’? I said ‘No mate, I’m a darts player from Norwich’.
“As I went to unzip my jacket to show him by darts shirt, he headbutted me full on the nose.
“Him and his young mates then ran straight off.
“I didn’t flinch when he headbutted me and I don’t think that helped because I took the full force I guess.
It is Players Championship Eight today and Webster has vowed to play on today despite a potential broken nose admitting he won’t let his attacker stop him.

“I’m going to play on Sunday, I’m not going to let some idiot stop me.”

Author: Samuel Gill