The fourth European Tour UK Qualifier has been finalised with the likes of Chris Dobey, John Henderson, Luke Humphries and Steve Beaton.

Dobey got through by edging out Nathan Rafferty with a 100 average in a good performance from ‘Hollywood’. Henderson and Humphries continued their brilliant form with victories over Brian Woods and William O’Connor respectively.

Also through include the likes of Jamie Hughes and Ted Evetts. Hughes averaged 112 in his final round to continue his form he has shown as of late.

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Final round

96.1Evetts, Ted65Brown, Keegan89.8
93.2Pallett, David65Carlin, Gavin95.0
91.7West, Steve65Wilkinson, Carl88.8
96.5Wilson, James63Owen, Robert86.0
87.5Bunting, Stephen64Searle, Ryan84.2
99.1Beaton, Steve60Tabern, Alan92.1
97.6Lennon, Steve63Stevenson, Simon93.8
100.7Dobey, Chris65Rafferty, Nathan99.5
88.7Henderson, John64Woods, Brian85.9
95.8Anderson, Kyle61Ward, Harry87.5
93.6Shepherd, Kirk62Monk, Arron86.9
94.5Mansell, Mickey65Edhouse, Ritchie100.3
95.5Jones, Wayne64Joyce, Ryan96.9
95.9Aspinall, Nathan65Gilding, Andrew94.2
97.2Humphries, Luke64O’Connor, William98.9
90.7Richardson, James64Thornton, Robert85.8
84.2Dolan, Brendan62Jiwa, Prakash77.9
112.7Hughes, Jamie60North, Richard92.0

Last 72

93.5Evetts, Ted63King, Mervyn83.6
95.2Brown, Keegan62Hudson, Peter98.0
96.1Carlin, Gavin65Evans, Ricky96.4
89.5Pallett, David64Derry, Nathan91.2
91.1West, Steve63Ayres, Daniel90.5
90.2Wilkinson, Carl64Woodhouse, Luke83.9
87.9Wilson, James62Killington, George80.3
89.2Owen, Robert65Murnan, Joe88.5
88.4Bunting, Stephen64Webster, Mark88.1
90.6Searle, Ryan61Eastwood, Gary64.3
86.5Beaton, Steve62Burton, Stephen85.3
94.3Tabern, Alan64Worsley, Jonathan89.2
95.7Lennon, Steve64McGeeney, Mark93.6
92.0Stevenson, Simon64Barilli, Mark84.8
103.1Dobey, Chris61Brooks, Bradley95.3
86.2Rafferty, Nathan65Dennant, Matthew90.0
93.9Henderson, John60Gray, Adrian89.0
92.6Woods, Brian64Durrant, Glen98.2
94.0Anderson, Kyle65Lynskey, Patrick89.0
88.8Ward, Harry64Foster, Andrew86.7
88.9Shepherd, Kirk65Payne, Josh90.4
86.6Monk, Arron62Ladley, David85.2
87.4Mansell, Mickey63Edgar, Matthew84.3
97.9Edhouse, Ritchie61Meikle, Ryan82.4
92.5Joyce, Ryan65Edwards, Dafydd86.1
89.8Jones, Wayne64Wilson, Stu84.5
90.5Aspinall, Nathan64Johnson, Darren88.9
91.5Gilding, Andrew64Burness, Kevin91.5
95.5O’Connor, William62Todd, Mick90.3
111.3Humphries, Luke60Borland, William90.4
80.5Thornton, Robert61Barnard, Michael71.4
81.0Richardson, James63Robinson, Reece78.6
88.2Dolan, Brendan65Garcia, Kevin85.4
84.0Jiwa, Prakash65Wilson, Mark82.8
86.2North, Richard64Murschell, Dawson82.7
100.4Hughes, Jamie62Dudbridge, Mark83.7
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Author: Samuel Gill