Beau Greaves and Darren Herewini have eased through their first tests at the 2020 BDO World Championship.

Stainton to begin the first set took it in the deciding leg as both players played well in the early going. Herewini pulled it level and from there took the first set against throw as it started to get away from him,

Herewini took the match from there in a 3-1 sets victory as he moved through to the Last 16.

Greaves on the other hand whitewashed Tori Kewish in a 2-0 sets victory as the 16-year old marked her first game on the big stage. She claimed it in double quick time as she moved through to the Quarter-Finals.

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BDO World Darts Championship schedule

Saturday, January 4
Afternoon session (from 13:00)

Mario Vandenbogaerde (88.98) 3-0 (83.10) Sebastian Steyer (R2)
Justin Thompson (83.74) 3-0 (82.41) Scott Williams (R1)
Vicky Pruim (71.18) 0-2 (69.35) Corrine Hammond (R1 women)
Dave Parletti (83.69) 2-3 (84.17) Chris Landman (R2)

Evening session (from 7 p.m.)

Darren Herewini (87.30) 3-1 (86.22) Simon Stainton (R1)
Beau Greaves (80.37) 2-0 (74.66) Tori Kewish (R1 women)
Thibault Tricole v Ross Montgomery (R1)
Jim Williams v Gary Stone (R2)

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Author: Samuel Gill