Andy Hamilton regained his PDC Tour Card last week at Q-School achieving an ambition of his since he fell out of the top 64 of the Order of Merit.

For Hamilton, the relief is all to see as he revealed in an interview with Metro in the aftermath; where he discussed the BDO World Championship Prize Money and he admitted that he is glad to leave the BDO and that he is not expecting his £3,000 that he claimed at the Indigo at the O2.

“It’s a relief to be back in the PDC because of what’s happening at the BDO, I didn’t really want to be a part of that anymore,” Hamilton told

“The prize money is a kick in the teeth for everyone, the worst pay out in years [since 1989]. To be world champion, it’s a great trophy to have, but the trophy doesn’t pay all the bills.

“A lot of people are struggling and don’t know where the future is. If I get paid I get paid, if I don’t I don’t, at worst I’ve only lost three grand.

“It’s worse for the players that have won much more. If it arrives in my bank account then happy days, but I’m more leaning on the side that it won’t.”

Hamilton calls on Jacklin to resign

‘The Hammer’ spoke further on Des Jacklin and has called again for him to resign as BDO Chairman saying that he needs to be more transparent with the players when it goes wrong; instead of not saying anything and that in his opinion, he’s reached the end of his tenure.

“There’s no communication from the board down to the players,” Hamilton continued.

“I can’t understand why I’ve been there two years and no one talks about what’s going on. If you don’t talk about it then it can’t be resolved.”

“It’s just upsetting as a player, no communication, left in the lurch and no one knows what’s happening next.”

“I’ve not heard from Des at all. He just can’t communicate,’ said the Hammer. ‘When things go wrong he can’t relay anything back to players, saying “okay, I’ve done this and tried this” he just doesn’t say anything to players.”

“To me that doesn’t bode well, if you can’t communicate with the players, there’s no way forward.”

“I just think it’s time to move on, resign, accept he hasn’t done a great job and admit to himself that he needs to go.”

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill