Mario Vandenbogaerde is living the dream at the BDO World Darts Championship.

The Belgian has carried on his impressive World Masters form, beating Sebastian Steyer and Dennie Olde Kalter to reach the World Darts Championship quarter-finals on debut. Vandenbogaerde is on course to match his Circus Tavern run, should he see off David Evans in the quarter-finals.

“I’m very happy. It’s a dream for me,” he told Tungsten Tales.

“I played three times against Dennie in tournaments, and I lose three times – I think he’s my black beast!

“When I was training on the boards, I felt so good. I go to the stage, and go three-nil up.

“Then I was nervous…just nervous.”


Vandenbogaerde revealed that he took a long break from the game after failing to push on from domestic success. Like Peter Wright, it took a spousal intervention to get him back into the sport he could realistically be world champion of by the end of the week.

“In Belgium, I was number one for five years. I tried for my dream to make it to the [Lakeside] stage…it was not good,” he said.

“I stopped the darts. 12 years, I stop. My said said, come on Mario, allez, we play.

“It was just a dream to stay here. I hope I stay [until] Sunday!”

Vandenbogaerde meets David Evans for a World Darts Championship semi-final spot. You can read the day’s preview and schedule here.

Author: Ed McCosh