Des Jacklin has addressed this years Grand Slam picks saying that they are not his picks and that they have been picked by somebody else.

Jacklin said in an interview with the Weekly Dartscast they if he had of picked them he would have picked other players.
“I’m not going to go too much into this,” said Jacklin.
“The fact of the matter is, had the BDO’s picks had been the BDO’s picks, the eight names that are in the Grand Slam event would have been different to the names that are in the Grand Slam event now.
“That’s all I’m prepared to say, end of.”
In terms of the rumours that he is going to resign, he admitted that some day he has better days than others and that the prize fund rumours are categorically wrong.
“Everybody has a bad day, don’t they?
“Sometimes I’ve had enough of the job, sometimes I want more of it.
“I rarely use social media anymore, I have done in the past, but I rarely use it because it’s just not used in the right way.
“To read things that are completely untrue and some things that are based on a bit of truth, for instance the youth not having a prize fund.
“It was passed at the AGM that the youth were going to have a prize fund because we’re charging the youth now.
“So why, after I’ve told everybody, that yes there’s going to be a prize fund, was there this rumour mill that there isn’t going to be a prize fund?
“Then there’s a GoFundMe page for an event that’s already got a prize fund, I don’t understand it and I don’t know where these stories come from and they just get me down a little bit.
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Author: Samuel Gill