Nick Kenny and Deta Hedman have claimed the BDO French Open 2019 titles in Bray Dunes on Saturday evening.

Kenny picked up the victory after defeating Nick Fullwell in the final at the French Open. The Welshman beat the likes of Geert de Vos, Francis Carragher and Leighton Bennett en route to the final. Fullwell knocked out Gary Robson and Tony O’Shea.

Hedman claimed the title in the ladies event after beating four-time ladies world champion Lisa Ashton in the final. She also defeated Astrid Trouwborst, Casey Gallagher and Paula Jacklin.

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Last 16

Jitse van der Wal 4-3 Jim Mayer
Leighton Bennett 4-0 Simon Stainton
Francesco Raschini 0-4 Tom Burquel
Francis Carragher 2-4 Nick Kenny
Gary Robson 4-3 Aaron Turner
Nick Fullwell 4-3 Tony O’Shea
Dave Evans 4-3 Tony Martin
Franck Ollier 4-3 Willem Mandigers


Jitse van der Wal 3-5 Leighton Bennett
Tom Burquel 1-5 Nick Kenny
Gary Robson 4-5 Nick Fullwell
Dave Evans 5-0 Franck Ollier


Leighton Bennett 4-5 Nick Kenny
Nick Fullwell 5-1 Dave Evans


Nick Kenny 5-1 Nick Fullwell



Lisa Ashton 4-1 Corrine Hammond
Priscilla Steenbergen 4-3 Laura Turner
Deta Hedman 4-2 Casey Gallagher
Paula Jacklin 4-3 Aileen de Graaf


Lisa Ashton 5-3 Priscilla Steenbergen
Deta Hedman 5-1 Paula Jacklin


Lisa Ashton 2-5 Deta Hedman

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media


Author: Pieter