The manager of Gary Anderson, Tommy Gilmour, has said that he will challenge any charges against his player due to the heated Grand Slam final against Gerwyn Price.

Anderson ended up losing 16-13 to Gerwyn Price in a game which included verbals and pushing between the pair on the stage in Wolverhampton.
Price responded by ramping up his celebrations which distracted and annoyed Anderson throughout proceedings. Barry Hearn confirmed on Tuesday that both players could face sanctions by the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA).
“If there’s any charge against Gary for whatever reason, we will fight it”, Gilmour told Live Darts. ”He is completely innocent of any wrong-doing.
“There’s talk that he entered the exclusion zone on the oche. That’s not true at all. There is no definition in the rulebook anyway of when the exclusion zone starts or finishes.
“The fact is that Price was celebrating in an intimidating manner while walking back up the oche towards his opponent.
“No other player celebrates in that way. They always shout or raise their fist while on the way to collecting their darts out of the board or to the side of the stage walking back to their table.
“Yet Price walked directly back up the oche towards Gary and celebrating shouting and screaming right in his face. Now that is intimidation and that’s not tolerated in any sport, let alone darts.”

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Author: Pieter Verbeek