Gerwyn Price is part of the Premier League this year and is seen as one of the biggest success stories especially in terms of Q-School. He spoke before he returns home tomorrow to play Gary Anderson in Cardiff.

He said he deserves to be in the Premier League and also said he’s not going to change his game for anyone despite the criticism about his over celebrating after a big finish.
“I’ve been suffering with an ear infection in Dublin so I couldn’t hear the crowd too well, but I’m fully fit now and being in Cardiff will be special,” admitted Price. “I think I deserve to be in the Premier League. I’m not afraid of anyone and if I can play my A-game then I can beat any of them.
“It’s all about performing well and making sure you’re playing at your best, so if I can get to the last four that means I’ve played alright. I don’t want to be going out after the first nine weeks and being a failure.
“I played Gary in Glasgow in the World Series finals and I had so much grief from the Scottish crowd, but sometimes it can put the other player under more pressure. I seem to like it when the crowd is against me so I would prefer it if it was the other way around to be honest with you.
“I haven’t really had a crowd support me as much as they’re going to do tomorrow”.
Price says he won’t be shy “giving it large” when he hits a maximum or a huge checkout against The Flying Scotsman.
“I think some players don’t like it when I over celebrate because they think I’m doing it to intimidate them or put them off,” he said. “If I haven’t got that part in my game then I don’t play as well, so I’m not going to change my game for anyone.”

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Author: Samuel Gill