Gerwyn Price is set to appeal a record fine given to him after the Grand Slam Of Darts for gamesmanship, it has been revealed.

Price was fined £21,500 and given a three month suspended ban and has said he doesn’t want a fine of any kind.
He added that if this is unsuccessful he will take further action and go to the High Court.
Also he said that in his opinion he’s been the same player since the fine so doesn’t see why it happened in the first place.
“I was shocked and a bit peed off at what had happened, not only that I had a fine, but that Gary had absolutely nothing,” Price told the Darts Show podcast.
“Not just one player, not just Phil [Taylor], every player said it was unfair so something has gone wrong there and it’s being dealt with by the right people now.
“Hopefully things will change, but if not then I’m going to re-appeal again and it’ll go to the high court.
“My appeal has gone in, it went in two weeks ago, so whatever the DRA come back with, even if I have a one thousand pound fine, I’m still going to be fighting that.”
He added: “I don’t think I deserve to have any fine at all, we were both on the oche, my game’s always the same and it’s never going to change.
“I don’t want a one thousand pound fine, I don’t even want a one hundred pound fine.
“I’ve been myself, I’ve been the same player ever since and before the fine. I haven’t had any more fines so I don’t understand why I had the first one.”

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Author: Samuel Gill