The Prize Fund Breakdown for the 2020 BDO World Championship has finally been released with the rumours which swirled around all tournament now confirmed.

Newly crowned BDO World Champion, Wayne Warren will receive just £23,000; which is a reduction of 77 percent compared to Glen Durrant last year.

This came after Des Jacklin, chairman of the BDO sent out a letter pre tournament telling players that the prize fund had been ‘reduced somewhat’ due to poor ticket sales and the failure to gain a main sponsor.

Warren’s winnings are the lowest for a winner of the BDO World Championship since Jocky Wilson received £20,000 in 1989 and to put it into even more context, Fallon Sherrock received £2,000 more for reaching the third round at the PDC World Championship.

Men’s Runner-Up in Jim Williams will claim only £10,000 while the semi finalists get £5,000 and the Quarter-Finalists £4,000. This goes all the way down to first round losers who will get £1,500.

In terms of the Ladies, the amount hasn’t dropped too substantially with Mikuru Suzuki getting £10,000 for retaining her World title in an overall drop of 8.6 percent but this is still a drop on what was expected with an increase up to £20,000 mooted before the tournament began.


Author: Samuel Gill