Fallon Sherrock continued her brilliant form as he claimed victory at the BDO Helvetia Open on Sunday.

The 23-year-old completed her Switzerland double after defeating Deta Hedman in the final in a repeat of Saturday’s final at the BDO Swiss Open.

Nick Kenny won the men’s tournament at the Helvetia Open. The Welshman booked victories against Marti Santamaria and Michael Unterbuchner, Saturday’s finalists, en route to the title.

Last 16
Thomas Junghans 4-3 Dean Reynolds
Roger Janssen 4-1 Francis Carragher
Wayne Warren 4-1 Franz Roetzsch
Michael Unterbuchner 4-3 Pal Szekely
Andrew Beeton 4-2 Stefan Bellmont
Richie Edwards 4-0 Adrian Holzek
Nick Kenny 4-1 Kevin Harms
Marti Marti Santamaria 4-2 Andy Bless

Thomas Junghans 4-2 Roger Janssen
Michael Unterbuchner 4-1 Wayne Warren
Andrew Beeton 4-3 Richie Edwards
Nick Kenny 4-3 Marti Marti Santamaria

Michael Unterbuchner 4-? Thomas Junghans
Nick Kenny 4-? Andrew Beeton

Nick Kenny 5-4 Michael Unterbuchner

Last 16

Deta Hedman 4-0 Regina Haenni
Margaret Sutton 4-3 Sandra Page
Margeta Chatzi 4-0 Andreea Brad
Paula Jacklin 4-0 Danielle IJpelaar
Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Deborah Speck
Jeannette Stoop 4-3 Daniela Neumayer
Laura Turner 4-1 Britta Gabriel
Fiona Gaylor 4-3 Aileen de Graaf

Deta Hedman 4-1 Margaret Sutton
Paula Jacklin 4-3 Margeta Chatzi
Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Jeannette Stoop
Laura Turner 4-3 Fiona Gaylor

Semi final
Deta Hedman 4-1 Paula Jacklin
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Laura Turner

Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Deta Hedman


Author: Pieter