Raymond Smith and Gordon Mathers claimed victory on the DPA Tour last weekend. Smith won the first two tournaments of the weekend in Hobart.

Corey Cadby, who had won the last six events on the DPA Tour, didn’t compete this weekend. Smith took advantage of the absence of his compatriot and took the win on Friday and Saturday. Mathers came up on top on Sunday and won his first tournament of the season.

DPA Tour 13
Raymond Smith 6-5 Mike Bonser
Chris Vasey 1-6 Tim Pusey
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 Ryan Lynch
Steve Powell 2-6 Steve MacArthur

Raymond Smith 6-2 Tim Pusey
Ryan Lynch 5-6 Steve MacArthur

Raymond Smith 6-4 Steve MacArthur

DPA Tour 14
Raymond Smith 6-3 Tim Pusey
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 James Bailey
Raymond O’Donnell 4-6 Chris Vasey
Lucas Cameron 6-2 Loz Ryder

Raymond Smith 6-4 James Bailey
Chris Vasey 5-6 Lucas Cameron

Raymond Smith 6-5 Lucas Cameron

DPA Tour 15
Gordon Glen Mathers 6-0 Steve Powell
Tim Pusey 3-6 Raymond Smith
Mick Pearce 1-6 Steve Fitzpatrick
James Bailey 6-1 Alex Evans

Gordon Glen Mathers v Raymond Smith
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 James Bailey

Gordon Glen Mathers 6-4 James Bailey

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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