Gary Stone finally claimed his first BDO title this past Sunday in the form of the Swedish Classic after some great form as of late saw him establish himself as a real danger.

Stone saw off Mogens Christensen 4-1, Dave Parletti 4-1, Andy Hamilton 4-1 and then eased past John Scott as well in a 5-2 win in an almost perfect day for the Scot.

He looked like he would potentially claim a BDO World Championship spot but this seems more likely with his form this weekend. Stone joins Dennis Nilsson, Lisa Ashton and Mikuru Suzuki in claiming titles this weekend in Malmo.

Last 16
Dave Parletti 4-2 Dennie Olde Kalter
Mogens Christensen 1-4 Gary Stone
Andy Hamilton 4-3 Craig Venman
Jitze van der Wal 2-4 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Naruis Gleglu 4-2 Dennis Nilsson
John Scott 4-0 Ross Montgommery
Niels Heinsoe 2-4 Johan Engstrom
Edwin Torbjornsson 3-4 Erik van Manen

Quarter final
Dave Parletti 1-4 Gary Stone
Andy Hamilton 4-2 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Naruis Gleglu 1-4 John Scott
Johan Engstrom 4-3 Erik van Manen

Gary Stone 4-1 Andy Hamilton
John Scott 4-0 Johan Engstrom

Gary Stone 5-2 John Scott

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Author: Samuel Gill