The UK Q-School has ended for yet another year providing us with new tour card holders as well as from the European equivalent and the two final UK winners came in the form of ‘Awesome’ Dawson Murschell from Canada and England’s Bradley Brooks with the Order of Merit winners to be announced shortly.

Dawson had already done enough having got through to the Last 32 to get his tour card through the Order of Merit but the Canadian prospect who like Corey Cadby is upping sticks and moving over to the UK to make a career for himself didn’t stop there winning a card outright.

He defeated some tricky opponents along the way including Matthew Edgar in the Last Eight and Luke Woodhouse in the early stages and beat the experienced Terry Temple in a close 5-4 decider to win the card.

Brooks is one of if not the youngest tour card holder in the history of the corporation at the age of 17, a frequent player on the Development Tour and JDC. He showed that this system works defeating the likes of Dennis Smith, Alan Tabern Jr, Haruki Muramatsu, Simon Stevenson, Ricky Williams and finally John Goldie.

Last 16
Ricky Williams 5 | 0 Kevin Burness
Bradley Brooks 5 | 3 Simon Stevenson
Niall Culleton 5 | 2 Daniel Ayres
John Goldie 5 | 2 Ross Smith
Dawson Murschell 5 | 4 Keith Geraghty
Matthew Edgar 5 | 4 Ryan Joyce
Terry Temple 5 | 2 Ryan Meikle
Jason Cullen 5 | 3 Nathan Aspinall
Last Eight
Bradley Brooks 5 | 2 Ricky Williams
John Goldie 5 | 4 Niall Culleton
Dawson Murschell 5 | 2 Matthew Edgar
Terry Temple 5 | 2 Jason Cullen
Last Four
Bradley Brooks 5 | 1 John Goldie
Dawson Murschell 5 | 4 Terry Temple

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Author: Samuel Gill