Wayne Warren claimed victory in the final of the 2020 BDO World Championship but admitted that “it hurts” that he has no clarity yet in terms of prize fund for the event.

Warren said that it is up to his management team but that it considering previous amounts that have been given to winners, it does mean it is a very bitter pill to swallow.

“I haven’t been told what I am getting yet,” Warren told BBC Radio Wales.

“I have received no money at all, it will be up to my management team to negotiate or whatever,” he added.

“There is a fund there, I have been told there is £150,000 in the pot to be divided up, but you hear so many different stories.

“Obviously it hurts, the past winners have had £100,000 for winning, which is a big amount, plus what you can earn through exhibitions.

“Now I will have to play in more exhibitions to try and make some of that money back.”

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Author: Samuel Gill