Dartsnews.com recently caught up with multiple new winners in the PDC including Max Hopp and Niels Zonneveld, today we have an interview with Wessel Nijman. A young Dutch talent who recently won his first Development Tour title.

In this short interview, we speak about that win, Dutch Youth darts as well as his sponsorship from MODUS.
1. Thanks for your time Wessel, first of all how did you get into darts growing up??
I got in to darts because of my brother, he played, so I followed.
2. You were a recent first time winner on the Development Tour, how did that feel and are you hoping you can continue that form into the rest of the Development Tour season??
The feeling was amazing, but I started the DT season with the thought I got nothing to lose because is was my debut year. And I still think I have nothing to lose.
3. Being from the Netherlands it is known as a conveyer belt of talent with pioneers like Raymond van Barneveld and Co Stompe to the likes of Michael van Gerwen now, who would you say inspired you to get into darts??
The person who inspired me in to darts at the beginning is my brother.
4. Returning to the topic of the Development Tour, what do you make of the standard of this and youth darts in general at the moment??
I do not look that much at the system of youth darts. But what I see is that the youth develop at a next level, and the youth starts getting better and better.
5. You are signed with MODUS Darts I believe as your management company with the likes of Jarred Cole and Keelan Kay, how much of a difference would you say this makes to you as an up and coming dart player??
Thats a really difficult question. I only look at myself, and I am very happy that MODUS has the trust in me and support me.
6. Finally what would you say are your ambitions for the rest of the year??
I have one ambition for not only the rest of this year, but for my entire life. And that is always to have fun in the game!
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill