Nathan Aspinall was part of the assembled line-up at the 2020 PDC World Championship media launch which took place in London this past Monday.

Aspinall spoke to the assembled media including as part of this; he reflected a year on from what was a life-changing one for the now UK Open and US Darts Masters champion.

He said that the game against Gerwyn Price in particular will always be fondly remembered; as his favourite game as it proved he can really play with the best in the world.

“I’m just loving this. Being invited to this shows how highly people think of me as a dart player. It’s certainly different to last year,” said Aspinall.

“It kick started my career. The game against Gerwyn Price while performance wise it wasn’t the best will always be my favourite game I’ve ever played; because of the atmosphere of the crowd, it proved I can beat these top boys on the biggest stage.”

Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Photo: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Change in pressure a year on

He also spoke about putting pressure on himself; he said that he wants to go into the Alexandra Palace this time around with no pressure on his shoulders.

At the same time though he admitted his routine hasn’t been the best over the past year; with it being disrupted by the changes in his life; so he will hope to use his time off before the showpiece event wisely.

“I remember speaking to Rob Cross after he won the Worlds and he said the toughest thing for him was obviously doing press days, more exhibitions and you lose your normal routine practising. That’s kind of been a lot for me this year, I’ve been in every single European event, more exhibitions and obviously every single TV event so I’ve lost this routine.”

“I don’t want to put pressure on myself, obviously people keep saying I’m one of the favourites and last year I was a nobody but I want to go into it with no pressure at all. If I do that, someone’s going to have to play well to beat me.”

Managing events wisely

In terms of next year, Aspinall said that he doesn’t think he will attempt to play in everything; especially with him having a young family and said that especially if the Premier League happens; he will play in even less.

“I’m 28, I’m still relatively young. I thought the schedule wouldn’t bother me. It has bothered me. I miss my family, I’ve got two young daughters.”

“I don’t think you can do everything, there’s that much on throughout the year. I will certainly be looking at the schedule. It depends if I get that other small tournament (Premier League) will also play a part. It’s going to be busy next year and that will definitely play a part.”

Premier League

Speaking of the Premier League, Aspinall said that while he would love to play in it, he still has doubts whether he will be in the line-up but he says even if he wasn’t included; he would make it impossible next year for them to not to pick him.

“I’d be lying if I said no, I’d love to play in it. Results in the last few months haven’t gone too well. Do I deserve a spot? I don’t know. There are lots of people who have been playing really well, Chizzy has been playing awesome and Durrant has had two semi-finals so I don’t know if it’s a dead cert.”

“I’d love to be in it; if not I’ll just do better next year and put them in a position where they have to pick me.”

World Youth Championship

Nathan Aspinall is known as a player who kick started his career on the Youth circuit and he played in a World Youth final.

He spoke about the criticism Luke Humphries who recently won the World Youth Championship has received and said that while he thinks it should be lowered age wise; it isn’t Luke’s problem.

“I was in the same boat as Luke Humphries, I was 24 or 25 when I played Max (Hopp) and I got slated on social media.”

“Luke doesn’t make the rules, the PDC make the rules. In my own opinion, it probably helped me with my career; but it should be lowered, he’s not a Youth, he’s got a Tour Card; he was in the Quarters of the Worlds and he played Van Gerwen in the same venue two days before so he’s already developed to me.”

“It’s not Luke’s problem, he played brilliant in that game and deserved to win. I felt sorry for young Adam but I’m sure he’ll be back. It does need looking at but that’s not down to me.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill