The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is a leading organization in the world of professional darts. Here are some key points about the PDC:

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  1. Formation: The PDC was established in 1992 when a group of leading professional players split from the British Darts Organization (BDO) to form their own governing body.
  2. Major Tournaments: The PDC is responsible for organizing some of the sport's biggest and most prestigious tournaments, including the PDC World Darts Championship, the Premier League, the UK Open, and the World Matchplay, among others.
  3. PDC World Darts Championship: The PDC World Darts Championship is the most prominent event on the PDC calendar. It is held annually at Alexandra Palace in London and features the world's top players competing for the championship title.
  4. Premier League: The Premier League is a round-robin tournament where the top players in the PDC compete over a series of weeks in various cities. The league format makes it one of the most popular and entertaining events on the darts calendar.
  5. Global Reach: The PDC has expanded its reach globally, with tournaments and events taking place in various countries around the world. This global expansion has contributed to the growth and popularity of darts as a sport.
  6. PDC Order of Merit: The PDC maintains a ranking system known as the Order of Merit, which is based on players' performance in PDC tournaments. It determines player seedings, invitations to major events, and qualification for tournaments.
  7. Governing Body: The PDC is the governing body for professional darts, overseeing rules, regulations, and the organization of tournaments. It works to promote and develop the sport at the professional level.
  8. Televised Events: Many PDC events are broadcast on television, making them accessible to a global audience and contributing to the sport's popularity.
  9. Professional Players: The PDC has a roster of professional players, including some of the biggest names in darts, such as Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, and Gary Anderson.
  10. Growth of Darts: The PDC has played a significant role in the growth and commercialization of darts. It has transformed the sport into a highly competitive and entertaining spectacle, attracting large audiences.

In summary, the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is a major organization in the world of darts, responsible for organizing top-tier tournaments, promoting the sport globally, and overseeing the professional players who compete at the highest level. It has been instrumental in the commercialization and popularization of darts as a professional sport.