This week darts has got a lot of media attention. The axing of walk-on girls, in particular the main PDC pair of Charlotte Wood and Daniella Allfree, has made headlines. Barry Hearn has hit back, saying it was out of his control, and pointed the blame at the TV bosses for putting pressure on the PDC to change.

Hearn said in an interview with talkSPORT that he has no personal problems with it and that they are great but BBC, ITV and Sky who all broadcast darts don’t want them on the TV anymore.
“It’s out of my control. We’re living in changing times – the PC brigade, the liberal brigade are out in strength and it’s causing changes in sport everywhere we look and it’s probably going to get worse.
“I have no personal problems whatsoever with walk-on girls in darts. None. They’ve been there from the beginning.
“I think the girls are great, they get paid and it’s a job for them. I haven’t got a problem.
“But I do have a big problem in the age we live in – I’ve got the BBC, ITV and Sky, my three UK broadcasters, saying to me this is not part of their editorial policy any longer. They do not want to show the walk-on girls on television.”
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Author: Samuel Gill