In the latest news coming out of the BDO, it has been revealed in a letter sent to respective counties that the organisation will start charging for its ranking tournaments.

Currently darting bodies don’t have to pay to host e.g a Category A tournament but now they will be charged 5 percent of the prize fund for every tournament for example, a £2,000 prize fund will incur a £100 fee.

This will supposedly go to running tournaments smoother in terms of the equipment used for the I.T so that players have better statistics.

This itself runs to the players as well who all have to pay a £2 levy for every tournament within 7 days of the tournament taking place. Late payment as well will lead to the tournament not appearing on the ranking tables and further fees may be charged.

With the BDO not running every single tournament on the calendar such as the Dutch Open, it will be interesting to see if the darts bodies react to this news.


Author: Samuel Gill