Bradley Brooks became the final player to win an outright tour card at this past weekends’ Q-School alongside Canada’s Dawson Murschell. A player who has plied his trade in the JDC and Development Tour and potentially the youngest full tour player ever at 17. He seemingly has a bright future. caught up with him soon after Q-School to ask his thoughts on winning his card, the JDC and his ambitions for the new season.
Q. Thanks for agreeing to do an interview Bradley, first of all how did you get into darts growing up?
‘I started off playing football and broke my foot, so was out of action for a while. People I knew played darts so wanted to play. I really enjoyed it so even though my foot healed, I decided to carry on playing darts’
Q. The main reason for the interview is due to you winning your tour card at Q-School. How did it feel to get over the line and how would you rate the experience?
‘I knew I had the ability to get a tour card, but most of the players there are capable too. I was playing really well in the lead up to Q school, and I knew if I could play my game I would have a good chance. Luckily over the four days I played my best darts and got myself a tour card. It felt great getting over the line but at the time I was exhausted after the final day so it didn’t sink in till the day after.’


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Q. You will now go onto the ProTour as I believe the youngest if not one of in the history of the PDC. Previously you previously played UK Open Qualifiers, what do you make of that and do you think this will help you in your first full season?

‘Last year at the time of the UK Open qualifiers I wasn’t in the best of form and expected too much of myself which really effected my performances. I learnt a lot from these performances and realised I needed to put more time in on the practice board.’
Q. You previously have played JDC and Development Tour. Would you say this has massively helped you experience wise, and would you recommend it to any up and coming young players?
‘I haven’t played my best darts on the Development Tour last year, but hoping to do better this year. I feel like the JDC is massive for young players because it gets you ready for PDC with the way it’s set up and ran. After winning the JDC European Open it makes me realise the JDC is growing and helping young players. I would also like the thank Steve Brown and everyone who works at JDC for running the European Open. As if I didn’t win that I don’t think I would of went into Q school with the confidence I did.’

Q. Finally what would you say are your ambitions for your first full season on the full PDC tour?

‘I feel like my realistic goal would be to play the darts I can and enjoy it as I know. I have a lot to learn before I can be doing what the likes of MVG and Rob Cross are doing. Also I would like to thank Jason Thame for managing and sponsoring me for the last 12 months. As if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of been able to enter all these competitions that I have throughout the year. These competitions helped me mature and learn as a dart player on and off the board.’
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for
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Author: Samuel Gill