Corey Cadby has had a great time since returning to Australia due to his wedding, this past weekend he claimed all 3 DPA Pro Tour titles as well as hitting a 9-darter showing his form is still evident that he showed in the UK Open in particular.

His first DPA Pro Tour Darts title came on Friday Night against Lucas Cameron in a close affair between the pair with ‘The King’ taking it 6-4. He won his semi-final by the same scoreline but was 5-0 up against Raymond O’Donnell, Cadby came through it though.

In the following two days, he defeated Loz Ryder twice in the final 6-3 and 6-0 to secure a hat trick of victories. On the final day also, the UK Open-finalist also threw a perfect leg to crown off his weekend.

DPA Tour 7

Raymond O’Donnell 6-? Bill Aitken
Clayton Collins ?-6 Corey Cadby
Steve MacArthur ?-6 Lucas Cameron
Dave Marland 6-? Raymond Smith

Semi final
Raymond O’Donnell ?-6 Corey Cadby
Lucas Cameron 6-? Dave Marland

Corey Cadby 6-4 Lucas Cameron

DPA Tour 8

Raymond O’Donnell 6-4 Bill Aitken
Lawrence Ryder 6-3 Steve MacArthur
Corey Cadby 6-2 Raymond Smith
Tim Pusey 6-1 Mark Colbongon

Semi final
Raymond O’Donnell 3-6 Lawrence Ryder
Corey Cadby 6-4 Tim Pusey

Corey Cadby 6-3 Lawrence Ryder

DPA Tour 9

Raymond Smith 5-6 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Corey Cadby 6-1 Marshall Allen
Kerry Allen 3-6 Lawrence Ryder
Dave Marland 6-2 Steve MacArthur

Semi final
Gordon-Glen Mathers 4-6 Corey Cadby
Lawrence Ryder 6-1 Dave Marland

Corey Cadby 6-0 Lawrence Ryder

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Author: Samuel Gill