Dartsnews.com recently caught up with Canadian darts player Dawson Murschell. After part one of the interview which you can read here, we discuss his plans to move over to the UK, Development Tour and future ambitions in darts as well as signing for Winmau recently.
Dartsnews asked him about his plans to move over to the UK and if his win over Wade inspired him to do so “I’ve been planning on moving over for a while but playing on TV definitely solidified it. I enjoyed playing on TV and in front of a big crowd that I want to do it again as much as possible.”
Dawson recently signed with Winmau Darts and we wanted to know how pleased he is to be signed to the team and also when his darts will be out. “Winmau has been fantastic to work with. We are working together to make sure my barrels exactly what I need and we are making sure they will be the best they can be. I assume they will come out early next year some time.”

Dartsnews asked him about his recent Development Tour weekend and whether he thinks more overseas players should come over and attempt the tour ‘Yeah, I had a rough first day this weekend but it takes a lot to keep me down. I always go into an event feeling as if I will win it, and having one bad event never changes that. I always recommend players coming and giving it a go – provided they are ready to do so. A lot of overseas players underestimate the depth and the quality of darts over here. They come over expecting big results because they’ve done alright in their own country, and get absolutely battered when they come over and get their confidence shot. It takes a long time to learn to play darts in the UK, and if someone is committed to putting the time and travel in, then go for it.’
Finally we wanted to know more about his future ambitions in darts to end the interview off. ‘I want to be the very best I can be. And I believe that is one day being world number one and world champion. If you don’t believe you can be the best, then what’s the point?’
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill