Mike de Decker and Florian Hempel have added their names to the line-up at the Dutch Darts Masters set to take place next weekend in Zwolle after coming through the PDPA Associate Member Qualifier.

De Decker came through after seeing off Christoff van de Wal in the final round averaging 87 in a 6-1 win over his opponent who averaged 64. Hempel came through against Marvin Wehder in a 6-2 win.
The Belgian saw off Diogo Portela and Michael Rasztovits along the way and only the Host Nation Qualifier is still to be decided with four spots set to be added to the line-up on Thursday night before the action begins on Friday.
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87.8De Decker, Mike61Van De Wal, Christoff64.9
88.9Hempel, Florian62Wehder, Marvin80.4
90.4De Decker, Mike62Portela, Diogo86.9
90.1Van De Wal, Christoff65Wirotius, Pascal86.5
85.2Wehder, Marvin63Pietreczko, Ricardo88.7
81.4Hempel, Florian64Artut, Jyhan78.3
Last 16
87.9De Decker, Mike64Rasztovits, Michael89.1
80Portela, Diogo63Bauerle, Pascal69.9
82Van De Wal, Christoff62Goedl, Christian77.1
74.2Wirotius, Pascal63Pohl, Sebastian77.1
80.1Wehder, Marvin61Furlani, Michel77.2
88.4Pietreczko, Ricardo64Hagemann, Philipp87.1
103Hempel, Florian65Tautfest, Erik97.7
78.8Artut, Jyhan64Munch, Kevin83.4
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Author: Samuel Gill