Mike de Decker is the second outright winner at 2020 PDC European Q-School capping off a brilliant day with victory over Dennis Nilsson.

De Decker joins Harald Leitinger in winning one by coming through the field and despite Nilsson pulling it back to 4-3 in the final, he was well back allowing ‘The Real Deal’ to keep his cool and cement his place back on the PDC Tour.

This comes after victories today over Justin van Tergouw (5-3), Kevin Doets (5-3), Martijn Kleermaker (5-3), Wouter Vaes (5-0); as well as Leo Hendriks (5-1), Pal Szekely (5-1), Gergely Lakatos (5-1) and finally Stefan Hielscher (5-1).

The Belgian averaged around the 95 mark for most of the day and produced a standout display to win through the field in Germany.

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Mike De Decker 5 | 3 Dennis Nilsson

Mike De Decker 5 | 3 Justin van Tergouw
Dennis Nilsson 5 | 2 Krzysztof Kciuk

Mike De Decker 5 | 3 Kevin Doets
Daniel Larsson 2 | 5 Justin van Tergouw
Jeffrey Van Egdom 2 | 5 Dennis Nilsson
Krzysztof Kciuk 5 | 4 Ondrej Kysilka


Author: Samuel Gill