There are only a few constants in life. The set of darts Peter Wright uses definitely isn’t one of them.

Snakebite, the 2017 UK Open champion, has come under fire after his Premier League draw against Gerwyn Price. Viewers noted that the Mendham ace was using a different set of darts to those he had thrown at the Masters. The darts entered the board at unusual and inconsistent angles during a sub-par performance. Wright has often been criticised for changing sets regularly – and sometimes during the course of a game. But the world number two hit back at doubters.

“I’ll always take what seems like risks to the outside world, but nobody knows how my throw feels at this exact point in time,” he said.

“People can have their say but I’m always tweaking what darts and set up works best for me to get the very best out of myself. Sure, I’ve tried more darts and set-ups than any other top player on tour, because there is always improvement to be made at the extreme edges”.

Wright has insisted that his tinkering is unlikely to ever change.

“My process, tweaking and trailing is who I am and with Jo my wife’s total support its helped me get to World No 2. With so much talent on tour I never take this for granted and it drives me on,” said Snakebite.

“I see my process as a major strength”

The former world finalist pointed to a recent performance as an example of good switching. Wright was 14-8 down against Gary Anderson at the Grand Slam when he changed darts. It sparked a remarkable comeback. Snakebite went on to win 16-15, before losing in the final.

“It’s got nothing to do with keeping people guessing. It’s based on how my throw feels at that exact moment in time, like when I changed my darts in the Grand Slam semi-final against Gary Anderson and came back to win against the odds.

“Anyone can criticise, but I see my process as a major strength. So many top guys on tour use darts so old, it would be like them losing an arm if they broke or got stolen. That’s not a worry for me. I just open up another packet and crack on”.

“I’ll never give up on searching for the perfect set. I know I’m close as I’ve stuck with the same darts for over 6 months a few times,”

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Author: Edward McCosh