The next two BDO tournaments are on the schedule this weekend. In Wunderland Kalkur, the players will battle for ranking points at the German Open and German Masters. The draws for both tournaments have been confirmed.

The BDO German Open Darts will be played on Saturday 14-04-2018  with 956 players and on Sunday 15-04-2018 we start with the German Masters and 616 players. Below the draws and prizes for both tournaments.
German Open
Warming-up: DRAW
Men’s singles: DRAW
Ladies singles: DRAW
Boys singles: DRAW
Girls singles: DRAW
German Masters
Men’s singles: DRAW
Ladies singles: DRAW
Friday 13.04.18: 
Warm-up Pairs Tournament
Saturday 14.04.18:
BULL’S German Open (WDF/BDO/DDV)
– Mens Singles (WDF “M”/BDO “A”/Finder Darts Masters)
– Ladies Singles (WDF “1”/BDO “B”/Finder Darts Masters)
– Boys Singles (WDF/DDV)
– Girls Singles (WDF/DDV)
– G-Darts tournament
– Additional Tournament: Doubles/Pairs
Sunday 15.04.18:
BULL’S Darts Masters (WDF/BDO/DDV)
– Mens Singles (WDF “M”/BDO “B”/Finder Darts Masters)
– Ladies Singles (WDF “1”/BDO “B”/Finder Darts Masters)
– G-Darts tournament
– Additional Tournament: Mixed Singles

Prizes men singles German Open:

1. Place2400 Euro
2. Place1200 Euro
3/4 Place480 Euro
5/8 Place240 Euro
9/16 Place120 Euro
17-32 Place60 Euro
33/64 Place30 Euro

Prizes men singles singles Darts Masters:

1. Place2000 Euro
2. Place1000 Euro
3/4 Place450 Euro
5/8 Place200 Euro
9/16 Place80 Euro
17/32 Place40 Euro

Ladies singles German Open/ Darts Masters:

1. Place800 Euro
2. Place400 Euro
3/4 Place200 Euro
5/8 Place100 Euro
9/ 16 Place50 Euro


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Author: Pieter