The draw for the 2018 International Darts Open has been made on Thursday afternoon. The event will kick off on Friday afternoon in Riesa, marking the twelfth event of the 2018 PDC European Tour.

The 32 players that came through the different qualifiers, will begin the International Darts Open in the first round. The 16 seeded players will join in the second round on Saturday as they take on the sixteen first round-winners.

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2018 International Darts Open
Draw Bracket

Ian White (3) v Jose Justicia/Jelle Klaasen
Dave Chisnall (14) v Terry Temple/James Richardson
Simon Whitlock (6) v James Wilson/Adam Huckvale
Max Hopp (11) v Steve Beaton/Vincent van der Voort
Joe Cullen (7) v Ross Smith/Kyle Anderson
Darren Webster (10) v Dirk van Duijvenbode/Mickey Mansell
Mensur Suljovic (2) v Ryan Joyce/Gabriel Clemens
Jermaine Wattimena (15) v Robert Thornton/Danny Noppert
Jonny Clayton (4) v Steve Lennon/Patrik Kovacs
Mervyn King (13) v Michael Plooy/Steve West
Adrian Lewis (5) v Terry Jenkins/Matthew Dennant
Stephen Bunting (12) v Barry Lynn/Dawson Murschell
Daryl Gurney (8) v Robert Marijanovic/Jan Dekker
Gerwyn Price (9) v Magnus Caris/John Henderson
Peter Wright (1) v Ricardo Pietreczko/Ryan Searle
Kim Huybrechts (16) v Ron Meulenkamp/Martin Schindler

Schedule of Play
Friday September 14
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)

Steve Lennon v Patrik Kovacs
Terry Temple v James Richardson
Dirk van Duijvenbode v Mickey Mansell
Ron Meulenkamp v Martin Schindler
Ricardo Pietreczko v Ryan Searle
Barry Lynn v Dawson Murschell
Michael Plooy v Steve West
Jose Justicia v Jelle Klaasen

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)

Magnus Caris v John Henderson
Robert Thornton v Danny Noppert
Ross Smith v Kyle Anderson
Terry Jenkins v Matthew Dennant
Ryan Joyce v Gabriel Clemens
James Wilson v Adam Huckvale
Robert Marijanovic v Jan Dekker
Steve Beaton v Vincent van der Voort

Saturday September 15
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)

Kim Huybrechts v Meulenkamp/Schindler
Darren Webster v Van Duijvenbode/Mansell
Mervyn King v Plooy/West
Stephen Bunting v /Lynn/Murschell
Gerwyn Price v Caris/Henderson
Jonny Clayton v Lennon/Kovacs
Dave Chisnall v Temple/Richardson
Jermaine Wattimena v Thornton/Noppert

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)

Ian White v Justicia/Klaasen
Simon Whitlock v Wilson/Huckvale
Max Hopp v Beaton/Van der Voort
Joe Cullen v Smith/Anderson
Adrian Lewis v Jenkins/Dennant
Mensur Suljovic v Joyce/Clemens
Peter Wright v Pietreczko/Searle
Daryl Gurney v Marijanovic/Dekker

Sunday September 16
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)

Third Round

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)


Author: Pieter